Ikuo Kinoshita


Faculty of Foreign Studies

Aichi Prefectural University


Aichi Prefecture 480-1198


E-mail: pfc02747@nifty.com; ikuokino@for.aichi-pu.ac.jp

Research interest:

Ikuo Kinoshita teaches international relations as lecturer in the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Aichi Prefectural University since April 2000. His persistent interest in international governance was in germ already in his undergraduate days (1990-1994), and his master’s thesis was titled“The Concept of Governance and the Study of International Relations: Analysis and Design in the Post-Cold War Era”(1996). After having written several articles on relevant issues, he is now preoccupied with “the three main columns in the temple” of peace, that is, arbitration, security, and disarmament, as originally expressed by French Prime Minister Edouard Herriot before the Assembly of the League of Nations on September 5, 1924. He is now writing history of international arbitration before World War II, which has furnished many concepts for designers of world peace system, and entertains growing interest in applying its lessons to the today’s world.

Academic records:
B.A. in political science at Waseda University, Japan (1994)
M.A. in political science at Waseda University, Japan (1996)
Attended the doctoral program in the Graduate School of Political Science at Waseda University for four years (1996-2000)

Publications(all in Japanese):